How Carbon Farming Can Reverse Climate Change

Andrea Basche, Union of Concerned Scientists |

May 21, 2016 

Are there agricultural practices that might offer more potential than the ones commonly discussed in the “carbon farming” conversation? In a companion post, I wrote about what the science tells us about cover cropping and reduced tillage, two practices getting a lot of attention in what I’ve called the “carbon farming” rage. Here I want to address some more agroecological practices, those that incorporate ecological principles and what is known from field research about their ability to add carbon to the soil.

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Donaciones y Campañas activas - ¿Cómo puedes ayudar a la Conservación de la Biodiversidad?

8 de abr. de 2016

Por: Fundación Natura – Colombia

En tiempos en los cuales se habla del medio ambiente como una problemática mundial, te preguntarás ¿y yo cómo puedo ayudar?

 Hay diferentes respuestas a esta pregunta, puedes contribuir implementando un consumo responsable, reciclando, reutilizando y teniendo una conciencia más ambiental; pero si quieres contribuir de manera real con acciones que ayuden a la preservación y conservación del país, aquí te presentamos algunas opciones: 

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Democratic Debate Brings Fiercest Exchange Yet on Climate Change, Fracking

 Eco Watch - April 15, 2016 8:39 amFinal del formulario

During last night’s Democratic debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a site that was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton displayed the fiercest exchange around climate change yet.

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From The Waterkeeper Alliance - Our Sturgeon General IN MEMORIAM: BERTA CÁCERES

 "They follow me. They threaten to kill me, to kidnap me, they threaten my family. That is what we face." - Berta Cáceres

We started 2016 having just lost one of our founders, Terry Backer, your Long Island Soundkeeper.  As we struggled to come to terms with the loss of a great hero, I’m proud of our team’s work in the current issue of Waterkeeper magazine to provide a strong, fitting farewell to Terry.

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