Fundación Río Urbano Welcomes New Global Data Intern from Afar

21 November, 2016

Bogotá, COL – As of November 15, Fundación Río Urbano grew one staff member larger. The FRU team welcomes Stephanie Davidson, a student from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, as Global Data Intern until December 20, 2016.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, Stephanie brings her expertise in natural resources management, risk analysis, global policy, and community organization to both Fundación Río Urbano and the greater Bogotá community. With the completion of this internship in December 2016, Stephanie will also complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Securities, with two minors in Spanish and Environmental studies and a certificate in Latin American & Caribbean studies.

As Global Data Intern, Stephanie will lead the re-design of Fundación Río Urbano’s website, contribute expertise toward the redaction of new articles, research and update the site’s environmental resources, and reorganize the database to build a deeper connection with our members.

The volunteer work she is contributing comes at an opportune moment for the foundation, as the Bogotá river is undergoing the first substantial steps toward water treatment. As of this past May 12, the local Día del Río Bogotá, the river is “considered the most contaminated river in Colombia” [1]. Since 2014, the Ministry of the Environment has directed more attention to this critically polluted natural resource.

“’Environmental education is a key component in the recuperation of the Bogotá River,’ said a Ministry of the Environment representative. ‘That’s why we have worked to draw attention to the protection of wildlife and plants, the ecosystems and overall functioning of the waterway’” [2].

Stephanie adds a global perspective to a team with rich experience in environmental engineering, international policy, and sustainable community empowerment. With this support, Fundación Río Urbano looks toward hosting more educational tours of the Río Bogotá and increasing the scope of our environmental initiatives in both the local and global communities.



[1] Río Bogotá: una apuesta por el medio ambiente Transl. “considerado el río más contaminado del país”

[2] The Upstream Battle for a Cleaner Río Botogá